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Why Is Brown Fat Important? Your Best Weight Loss Ally

Dec 26, 2022Fat Acumulation0 comments

I’ve already covered the different types of body fat. Among those, I pointed out brown fat and its benefits. It’s the ideal type of fat because it’s beneficial. But, why is brown fat important?

Knowing it’s good is one thing. But, improving your health demands more than that. So, let’s find out what’s behind this type of fat.

Fighting fat accumulation is difficult. That’s not just because it can be hard. Most types of fat fulfill crucial roles in your organism. That’s why we must differentiate the good and bad fats. Luckily, brown fat is pretty much all good.

What exactly is brown fat?

As Cleveland Clinic defines it, brown fat is a fat type that regulates body temperature. It starts working when we shiver. It’s responsible for burning calories and energy storage. However, its percentage in the body is fairly small.

It’s smaller than white fat—the majority of our body fat content. White fat is responsible for energy storage and organ insulation. On the other hand, brown fat stores energy and regulates temperature.

By creating heat, it can be a major calorie burner. Other important roles include blood sugar regulation and fat metabolism. Its heat production breaks down fat and glucose. That’s why it’s a good weight loss ally.

The benefits that explain why is brown fat important

Brown fat presence in the body offers plenty of health benefits. That’s the first answer to why is brown fat important. The debate around its validity as a weight loss target remains quite unclear.

Yet, it may offer other health benefits.

According to MedicalNewsToday, brown fat has cardiometabolic benefits. There’s a clear association between brown fat presence and cardiometabolic risks.

One of those benefits relates to type 2 diabetes. People with detectable brown fat are less likely to develop the condition. That’s also true for abnormal cholesterol levels. Coronary artery disease and hypertension are also less risky.

These protective effects appear more pronounced in obese people.

The metabolic implications behind why is brown fat important

Our metabolism is a bunch of chemical reactions that break down nutrients for energy. From that definition, you may infer why brown fat is metabolically beneficial. The National Institutes of Health cites a study led by Dr. Shingo Kajimura.

They measured fat, glucose, and amino acid levels pre- and post-brown fat activation. The study included 17 men with high brown fat activity and 16 with low activity. The former group had lower levels of branched-chain amino acids.

Why is that relevant?

BCAAs are responsible for many body functions. That includes providing energy for muscles during exercise. That said, high BCAA levels correlate with obesity and insulin resistance.

The reason is a protein called SLC25A44, produced by brown fat. This protein sends BCAAs to the mitochondria. There, the body uses them to generate energy and heat. Thus, it prevents BCAA accumulation.

How can you increase brown fat?

So, what can you do to boost your brown fat levels? Thankfully, Healthline already has a few helpful tips. We can summarize them into two main strategies.

Firstly, cold temperatures trigger brown fat. As such, turning down your thermostat may “recruit” brown fat cells. According to Healthline, two hours of exposure to temperatures around 19°C/66°F is enough. You may also take cold showers, baths, or go for walks in the cold.

Unsurprisingly, the other approach is exercise. Intense aerobic interval training elevates irisin levels. This protein may turn white fat into brown fat. Ideally, you should aim for 20 daily minutes of moderate activity. Then, add 11 daily minutes of vigorous activity.

The holistic takeaway

why is brown fat important - illustration of a fat cell

So, why is brown fat important? Brown fat helps us use different nutrients to produce energy and heat. Otherwise, these unused components accumulate and cause obesity, insulin resistance, and more.

That’s why brown fat can be a crucial weight loss ally. Moreover, it’s vital for a healthy lifestyle. And, that takes me to my recommendation.

Exipure offers a herbal dietary supplement that improves brown fat levels. It’s the perfect complement to your fitness routine and nutrition.


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