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Why Is Yogurt Good? Why You Should Start Eating More

Jun 19, 2023Food & Nutrition0 comments

Almost everyone loves yogurt. It’s tasty, healthy, and you can find it anywhere. Of course, the sheer variety also doesn’t harm. After all, there’s a reason why it’s among the best smoothie ingredients. But, why is yogurt good?

Some people will tell you it’s all about probiotics. On the other hand, others might say it’s because of its good fats. However, there isn’t a single answer to that question. Instead, it’s a combination of basically every benefit people mention.

So, let’s clear things up!

The basics of yogurt and what it does for you

Basically, yogurt is a dairy product that comes from fermenting milk. The milk is mixed with bacterial yogurt culture. From there, it gets its protein and calcium content. These components make it fantastic for enhancing gut bacteria.

Yogurt’s health benefits depend greatly on the consumer and its type.

For instance, there’s yogurt with lots of protein, probiotics, calcium, and vitamins. Other yogurts are lower in fat. Some yogurts are best for your gut bacteria, immunity, bones, and weight loss.

However, not all yogurts are as good for your health. Many commercial brands tend to be high in sugar. Plus, they may add unhealthy ingredients. So, make sure to stick to low-calorie and high-nutrient products.

Why is yogurt good? General health benefits

Naturally, yogurt’s main benefit is its digestive benefits. However, keep in mind that pasteurization kills bacteria. So, your goal is to pick yogurt with the probiotics added after pasteurization.

Yet, that’s not the end. Other benefits come from different types of yogurts. As I mentioned, some yogurts are high in calcium and vitamins. In these cases, your immune and bone health benefit the most. Other types may help with heart disease, infections, and weight loss.

However, the main takeaway here is how the ingredients change the game.

If you want to pick the best yogurt, follow these tips:

  • Think about your goals before picking a type.
  • Go for low-calorie sweeteners.
  • Combine yogurt with oats, fruits, and other healthy foods.
  • Pick yogurt instead of other snacks.
  • Add yogurt to your favorite recipes and find what works.

Top 5 health benefits offered by yogurt

Now, let’s get more specific about why yogurt is good. Luckily, Healthline has a great list of benefits. Again, let’s just remember that yogurt is good or bad depending on its ingredients. So, with that out of the way, let’s summarize the list.

  1. Yogurt can be rich in crucial nutrients. Some yogurt types offer pretty much every nutrient you need. That includes calcium, vitamin B, minerals, and more.
  2. Yogurt also tends to be high in protein. That’s particularly true for Greek yogurt. That way, you can lower your appetite and lose more weight.
  3. Most types of yogurt contain probiotics. So, your digestive and immune health can get a boost from them. Just make sure the probiotics came after pasteurization.
  4. Yogurt appears to increase good cholesterol regardless of fat content. So, your heart benefits greatly from adding it to your diet.
  5. Finally, yogurt has many ways to help you lose weight. Yes, it makes you feel fuller. But, it’s also low in fat and calories. Therefore, it’s a fantastic addition to your recipes and snacks.

The holistic takeaway

why is yogurt good - bowl of yogurt with strawberries

So, why is yogurt good? Yogurt can offer remarkable benefits. That includes lower appetite, better digestion, and stronger bones. However, it’s all about which ingredients you choose. From there, yogurt may be a friend or foe.

If you want even more benefits, check out P3-OM Probiotics. This natural health supplement offers the same benefits. You may improve your immune system, digestion, and energy with one product.


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