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Why Keto Fails: Understanding the Diet’s Common Pitfalls

Aug 8, 2023Food & Nutrition0 comments

The keto diet is a pretty controversial nutrition program. Easily, it’s among the most famous diets in the world. However, it also has many detractors. That’s because ketosis can be a tricky business. So, we need to understand why keto fails.

Making keto work can be a challenge for anyone. It needs discipline, commitment, and hefty diet changes. But, its benefits can outweigh the challenge itself. It can help you treat different conditions, like mental health.

Then, why do people fail?

Why keto fails most of the time

The keto diet is pretty straightforward in theory. You eliminate carbs from your diet. That way, your body goes through ketosis, using fat for energy. Sadly, shedding carbs is tougher than you might think. That’s the start of why people fail.

The first reason is lacking preparation. That includes logistics and mindset. You need to buy the right food and restrict the wrong one. Plus, you need to make sure social events don’t wreck your diet.

Many people also fail to eat properly within the diet’s limits. They might overdo it with protein. Others eat either too many or too few calories. And, avoiding fat is also another issue. Moreover, there’s junk food that falls within keto’s permissions. Thus, be careful with those.

Why are you not losing weight on a keto diet?

There are many reasons why people don’t lose weight on keto. That’s why so many people wonder why keto fails. And, it’s a common complaint by detractors of the diet. It’s also something I can understand.

To tackle this problem, we need to understand it. Luckily, Healthline has a great article about it. Let’s summarize its main points below. People don’t lose weight on keto diets because they:

  • Don’t remove carbs entirely.
  • Don’t eat nutritious meals despite shedding carbs.
  • Fail to consume the right number of calories.
  • Have medical conditions that might interfere with the diet.
  • Hold unrealistic expectations about losing weight.
  • Lack healthy sleeping habits.
  • Aren’t complementing the diet with exercise.

Why do experts hate the keto diet, and what can you do?

The main concern with keto is its restrictive nature. Basically, the diet doesn’t provide all the nutrients we need. Many restricted foods are nutritious and necessary for a balanced diet. Plus, keto’s high saturated fat levels also raise health concerns.

Likewise, “modified” keto diets aren’t particularly helpful, either. That’s because ketosis occurs under certain conditions. That’s low carbs and proteins plus high fat. Thus, people succeeding under modified keto diets aren’t under a keto diet.

Understanding why keto fails and using it to lose weight

So, how can you offset the keto diet’s problems? The first step is to understand the pitfalls. From there, you can start working against them. With time, you can turn keto into a habit. So, let’s summarize the main steps you must take:

  1. Focus on achieving ketosis. You can use a ketone breath analyzer to see whether you’ve done it.
  2. Make sure you eat fewer proteins, too. Ketosis isn’t only about low carbs, but also low protein.
  3. Some keto programs allow certain carbs. Make sure you don’t eat too many of them, either.
  4. Count your calories as well. You still want to reach a caloric deficit.
  5. Snacks are a common staple of keto diets, but don’t overdo it.
  6. Avoid alcoholic beverages. They’re high in calories.
  7. Work out to complement your diet program.

The holistic takeaway

why keto fails - plate with some classic keto diet ingredients like eggs, cherry tomatoes and avocado

The keto diet is a tough diet to follow. That’s why keto fails most of the time. However, you can make it work with enough effort. Just consult your doctor before any considerable lifestyle change.

If you need help, I have a great tip. Keto Resources is the most comprehensive library about the keto diet. You can find answers to virtually all your questions. From ketosis to the keto flu and variations, it’s got your back.


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