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Work Out From Home: A Beginner’s DIY Guide To Exercise Equipment For Home

May 13, 2021Exercise - Fitness0 comments

Almost everyone wants to get in shape. The most common new year’s resolutions relate directly to losing weight. Unfortunately, most people fail to meet these goals. The reasons are plentiful, like expensive gyms and lacking time.

Thankfully, you don’t need a lot of money to work out. You don’t even need to buy most exercise equipment you see.

You can do a lot with exercise equipment at home. Today, I’ll tell you the fundamentals to start doing that.

Your home vs. a gym membership: What’s better for you?

Home and membership gyms aren’t as different as you might think. However, you usually need to swap the pros and cons with your choice. For instance, a home gym is private but lacks professional help. Memberships give you that aid but take your privacy.

Both are excellent options for losing weight, but it depends on you. Home gyms don’t work for everyone. If you lack self-discipline, a membership might be better. If you work out better alone, stay home.

For more advice, has an outstanding article on the subject.

Why would you choose a gym over home exercise?

The main benefit of working out at a gym is ambient. They’re designed and fit (no pun intended) for motivation. You’ll find coaches, spotters, and other members willing to help you at all times.

Additionally, memberships still let you save money. You can access advanced (and expensive) equipment for a fraction of their price. They also offer amenities, like snacks and steam rooms.

Your home could still provide the fundamentals

However, you don’t need to get all the equipment available in a gym. Especially if you’re a beginner, you can do a lot with the basics. You can work out whenever and however you want. You can also play your favorite music and prepare your preferred snacks.

Additionally, you can work out without anxiety. Many people feel intimidated by exercising in front of experienced members. You can build that confidence in your home before going to the gym.

Covering the basics for a home gym

The optimal approach to create a home gym is to keep things simple. You want to get as much value for your money as possible. That means finding the most versatile exercise equipment for home.

Googling the home gym essentials yields too many results for most. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy a gym storage room in equipment.

I’ve filtered the most useful exercise equipment for home. With these four pieces, you can do all the routines you need to start.

  1. Yoga mat

A yoga mat lets you stretch and perform many bodyweight routines. You won’t have to worry about slipping or bruising. Yoga is also amazing to warm up or unwind after working out.

  1. Basic dumbbells

Dumbbells also let you perform various resistance exercises. Between the yoga mat and dumbbells, you can cover almost everything. Getting different weight pairs is great, but you don’t have to at the beginning.

  1. Jump rope

Cardio is also crucial for any workout routine. You can get enough cardio done by walking and jogging. If you have a bike, that’s another excellent option. However, a jump rope is amazing if you want some more intensity.

  1. Resistance bands

Finally, resistance bands open the doors to many routines you couldn’t do otherwise. They’re also amazing for working out when your muscles are still aching. You can use resistance band routines to “rest” between intensive workouts.

The holistic takeaway

A huge budget for your workout needs isn’t necessary. You can do almost anything with primary equipment. As long as you have the will to do it, you can reach those goals.

If you’re getting ready, let me give you a few more tips:

  • Try to find a workout partner. They can motivate you and help you in case of injury.
  • Prepare healthy snacks and shakes to keep you nurtured and as motivation.
  • Create a workout schedule several days per week. Keep days for resting in-between.
  • Also, create a workout playlist as well. It’ll keep you motivated.
  • Remember to stretch before and after working out.
  • Finally, don’t push yourself too much. You don’t have to work out for an hour while you begin. You can find great workout apps for download.


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