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Worst Jobs for Blood Pressure – Overworked to a New Level

Apr 10, 2023Blood Pressure0 comments

Managing your blood pressure can be a huge challenge. You need to eat properly, avoid bad habits, and more. Exercise is a huge help, but it’s only one step. Now, it turns out your job might be worsening things. Let’s talk about the worst jobs for blood pressure.

I recently came across this article by Blackdoctor. It cites a study by HealthDay, which doesn’t exist anymore. Still, the topic caught my eye. So, I’ll break down its summary of the study. Plus, I’ll back it up with my own research. That way, we can recover the article’s scientific support.

So, what are the worst jobs for your heart? Let’s find out!

Office jobs are the worst jobs for blood pressure, especially sales

The first one groups different office jobs. Yet, it highlights sales. According to the article, these jobs promote an unhealthy lifestyle. For instance, these workers are more likely to smoke and eat poorly.

An office job also makes you less likely to be physically active. So, it’s unsurprising that ScienceDaily found a link between desk jobs and heart issues.

The study found that desk workers had a higher cardiovascular disease risk. Curiously, the study’s subjects had no noticeable cardiovascular risk factors.

Food service work can worsen your blood pressure

The next entry is food service jobs. This one also has a direct influence. It’s easier for these workers to eat worse than most professions. Naturally, food service workers are more likely to eat at their restaurants.

And, Reuters confirms this theory. People in the food industry had a higher risk of metabolic syndrome. Why does this matter? Metabolic syndrome is a primary risk factor for heart disease.

Coincidentally, the study included food transportation workers. That takes us to the next job.

Truck driving is among the worst jobs for blood pressure for different reasons

Sadly, truckers are in one of the worst jobs for blood pressure. The original article mentions that smoking is the main issue. It states that over 20% of truckers smoked. And, the job had the highest smoking rate among the professions.

That said, it might not be the only problem. This study found that hypertension is common in truck drivers. According to the study, working hours are another primary issue. Truckers who worked longer hours had a higher hypertension risk. Conversely, shorter work schedules were healthier.

The risks of working as a police officer, security guard, firefighter, and more

Then, we have “protective service” workers. That includes the professions mentioned in the heading above. The article mentioned that 90% of these workers were overweight/obese. 75% reported poor cholesterol levels. Finally, 30% suffered hypertension.

And, this study appears to back that claim. The study found that protective service workers had higher hypertension rates. Plus, it mentions how protective services rank low in hypertension awareness.

Management jobs and white-collar professions are also the worst jobs for blood pressure

Lastly, we have the hated white-collar jobs, mainly management-related. The article mentions several poor habits in this profession. That includes smoking, poor diets, and lacking physical activity.

And, Scripps found that a majority of white-collar workers had higher blood pressure. Plus, we can add other issues, like stress. Managers tend to go experience chronic stress due to their responsibilities.

The holistic takeaway

worst jobs for blood pressure - man stressed out in front of the laptop

So, are you in one of the worst jobs for blood pressure? What can you do about it? Well, the main issue tends to be consequential habits. Therefore, the answer isn’t necessarily to quit your job. Instead, you need to balance your lifestyle to make up.

Luckily, I found a great way to do that. The Blood Pressure Program is an excellent program. It helps you to release tension naturally via simple exercises and tips. So, make sure to check it out!


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