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Top 15 Worst Osteoporosis Habits You Should Avoid Now!

Apr 6, 2022Bone Health0 comments

The worst osteoporosis habits are a tricky subject. Some are obvious, like smoking. Yet, others are tricky. For instance, soft drinking can be bad—but only cola drinks. Exercise can be delicate. But, it can also be good.

Some causes are out of your control. Menopause is a common osteoporosis cause. Still, you can do a lot to prevent it.

Avoiding these bad habits is the first step.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #1: Smoking

You’ll find smoking in most osteoporosis prevention tips. Smokers have lower bone density. So, they’re more likely to suffer fractures and bone disease.

There’s another reason to quit smoking. Essentially, it disrupts your bones’ regeneration qualities. And, it also boosts cortisol production.

Why is it so bad?

Your bones constantly regenerate. That’s how they can overcome injury. But, it’s also crucial to keep bone density. Free radicals from smoking halt this process.

Likewise, boosting cortisol levels is also quite harmful. It increases bone resorption while decreasing calcium absorption. It acts as a double punch to your bones’ health.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #2: Lacking physical activity

Everyone likes to slump on the couch now and then. You might be tired from work. Or, you might’ve found a new show to binge-watch.

That’s already bad in many ways. You’re usually wasting time. But, your bones also feel those effects. Lacking physical activity is a primary cause of osteoporosis.

Why is it so bad?

It’s roughly the same story as our muscles. Bones gain and maintain strength with regular activity. With osteoporosis, that’s a bit more complex. But, the rule stands.

As such, a sedentary lifestyle leads to weak muscles and bones. You don’t have to take on a strict fitness regime. Just make sure you’re not sitting all day.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #3: Eating lots of salt

Several foods are bad for our bones. Among them, salt is the worse culprit. Sadly, our diets tend to be high in sodium. That’s particularly true if you eat outside a lot.

So, cutting down on your sodium intake is crucial. You want to eat less than 2,000 mg daily. Too much salt also causes other issues.

Why is it so bad?

Salt’s effects on bone health are controversial. Some researchers suggest that the impact isn’t considerable. But, it’s also hard to measure this metric.

Yet, others mention that urinary calcium excretion increases with sodium chloride. The compensatory responses may lead to bone loss. Proper calcium intake may offset these issues.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #4: Drinking too much

Drinking with friends is fun for most people. There’s no way to deny it. Alcohol’s historical usage has been as a social lubricant. So, it’s easy to get carried away.

Still, there’s a reason why it’s a common entry among the worst osteoporosis habits. One drink per day is usually fine. But, you must be careful when going beyond that.

Why is it so bad?

Even drinking half a drink every other day increases osteoporosis risk. That’s when compared to abstainers. But, going over that keeps increasing the chances.

Alcohol is somewhat similar to salt. Drinking too much disrupts how the body absorbs calcium. Moreover, it has toxic effects on bone cells.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #5: Not going outside

Staying inside typically leads to a sedentary lifestyle. You just learned that’s not good. But, it also keeps you from getting enough sunlight. That’s could be just as bad.

Going outside means sun exposure. And, that means receiving vitamin D naturally. It’s even a huge source of our daily vitamin D intake. Our bones also love it.

Why is it so bad?

This study tested the effects of sunlight exposure on stroke patients with weak bones. The results showed that bone mineral density increased in the exposed group.

In contrast, the sunlight-deprived also lost BMD. Sunlight exposure can be critical for vitamin D deficiency. And, that means healthier and stronger bones.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #6: Prescriptions and supplements

Medication and supplementation are tricky. The former can be critical for most conditions. But, they impact your bones negatively.  Anti-seizure drugs are a great example.

On the other hand, calcium supplementation can offset these effects. To reap those benefits, you need discipline. Missing them can worsen your condition significantly.

Why is it so bad?

Being irresponsible is always a bad start with medication. Many forget about asking their doctors about drugs. This negligence can worsen osteoporosis and other conditions.

Calcium supplementation has proven its bone density benefits. But, you must skip to professional advice. The same goes for finding alternatives to medications with negative effects.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #7: Eating too much sugar

Sugar is already bad when you overdo it. And, eating too many sweets is another way to hurt your bones. That’s not only because of the many health issues tied to it.

Sugar often keeps people from maintaining a healthy diet. Currently, there’s no direct link to the bones. Still, that’s not a requirement to make it harmful to osteoporosis patients.

Why is it so bad?

Sugar has a difficult relationship with osteoporosis. As mentioned, it’s not directly harmful. Carbs are still vital for bone metabolism. But, too much of it can become harmful.

Fructose could be beneficial for osteoporosis. That said, balance is critical. You must ensure you’re also getting calcium, fats, and proteins. It’s easy to get carried away with simple carbs.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #8: Consuming too much caffeine

Caffeine can be a godsend for many people. It offers a fantastic energy boost when you’re slacking. And, it can also be quite healthy.

But, caffeine can also lead to calcium loss. That’s why soda drinks are often among the worst osteoporosis habits. That’s another reason to replace soft drinks with healthier alternatives.

Why is it so bad?

Soft drinks often relate to bone damage. But, we must point out that research is somewhat elusive. On the other hand, caffeine is a common risk factor for osteoporosis.

High caffeine diets correlate with low bone density. However, age seems to play a vital role. Older adults could suffer more from caffeine’s effects on the bones.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #9: Overeating red meat or beans

Animal proteins and legumes are great additions to any diet. If you’re vegan, beans are crucial for making up for the lost protein intake.

Red meat can also shed calcium from the bones. Smaller portions are a must for osteoporosis and osteopenia patients. Again, the relationship is somewhat tricky.

Why is it so bad?

Beans can be a healthy calcium source. But, our bodies absorb less calcium from them. Thus, it’s critical to ensure balance in our diets. They can’t be the only calcium source.

For red meat, the results are somewhat similar. Red meat is helpful when consumed properly. High intake correlates with lower bone density. Then, reducing red meat consumption might be necessary.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #10: Cycling more than you should

Cycling is an outstanding way to add physical activity. It’s an effective transport medium. And, many athletes find it entertaining. Its practicality is also a huge advantage.

So, cycling should be great for your bone health, right? Well, it’s not that simple. As I’ll cover in a bit, working out isn’t always optimal. Cycling is a great example.

Why is it so bad?

Yes, cycling is a fantastic exercise for cardiovascular fitness. But, its benefits on bone mass are negligible. Moreover, it could take time away from other exercises that could help your bones more.

That’s because cycling won’t weaken your bones. The problem comes when it replaces resistance training. You need to balance your workout schedule to help your bones.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #11: Exaggerated weight swings

Being overweight is generally bad. Its complications permeate hospital visits. Your bones also receive more stress and pressure trying to carry the weight.

Curiously, being too thin is also a risk factor for osteoporosis. You must be careful about how you manage your weight. Over or underdoing it has equally detrimental effects.

Why is it so bad?

Obesity has a plethora of ill effects on your health. Osteoporosis isn’t the exception. Obesity correlates with higher bone mass. But, we can’t say obesity is beneficial for bone health. It usually leads to the worst osteoporosis habits.

Being underweight is another osteoporosis risk factor. That’s because our bones lack physical protection from trauma. So, proper nutrition should be a priority.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #12: Not sleeping properly

Poor sleep ties into several health issues. Again, osteoporosis isn’t excluded from this reality. That said, isn’t bad to be sedentary? That might make you think sleeping isn’t that important.

Well, sleeping isn’t the same as sitting on the couch all day. We need to sleep. It helps our bodies and mind recover for the next day. So, poor sleep hygiene is always bad.

Why is it so bad?

With sleep, the results might surprise you. Yes, sleeping relates to osteoporosis prevention. But, it depends on how you do it. With that in mind, you might want to avoid oversleeping.

This study in Japan found that sleeping over 8 hours might increase osteoporosis chances. Yet, I must note that sex, menopause, and sleep quality are relevant. Napping and its duration are also relevant.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #13: Poor posture

Your posture does more than change how people perceive you. Poor posture can cause lower back pain and other issues. So, it’s not hard to see why it could be bad for osteoporosis.

Proper posture helps us align our spine and bones. As such, it plays a critical role in many areas. It helps our bones’ stability, overall stability, and more.

Why is it so bad?

Naturally, osteoporosis leads to posture issues. But, that’s not to say posture doesn’t contribute to osteoporosis. Balance is a must for osteoporosis patients.

Poor posture may affect your likelihood of falling. Sure, you won’t weaken your bones considerably with bad posture. Yet, a fall after you’ve been diagnosed is catastrophic.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #14: Not working out correctly

As I mentioned, cycling can be counterproductive for osteoporosis prevention. And, I also said it was because it could replace more effective workouts.

Well, that’s our next worst osteoporosis habit. When exercising, you must ensure you’re also getting strength training. That’s because it also helps you strengthen your bones.

Why is it so bad?

This study compared non-weight-bearing workouts and their effects on bone health. It found that cyclists and runners had higher osteoporosis risks.

Again, that’s because cardio has negligible benefits on bone health. It’s not inherently negative. Yet, it can’t be the only training you do. To prevent osteoporosis, hitting the weights should be your priority.

Worst Osteoporosis Habit #15: Not understanding your body as you age

Finally, age will inevitably take a toll on our bodies. Our bones are among the most affected areas. Yes, you can lessen the damage with good habits. Still, you can’t revert it.

And, that’s the final entry in our worst osteoporosis habits list. You shouldn’t act as if your bones are as healthy as when you were young.

Why is it so bad?

It’s not bad to have weaker bones with age. But, neglecting that fact leads to poor decisions. For instance, you can’t be reckless with physical activity.

Not realizing—or accepting that—may worsen osteoporosis. You’re more likely to fall or suffer blunt trauma. With osteoporosis, these “minor” accidents can be disastrous.

The holistic takeaway

worst osteoporosis habits spine model showing osteoporosis

Kicking the worst osteoporosis habits should be your priority. They’re mostly quick fixes. But, some are harder than others. Just make sure you’re starting with the easiest tactic.

You can also set a priority list. Work with what hurts you the most and is easier to quit. Some habits, like smoking, take a while to yield. Thus, they’re best to start quickly.

Of course, having a trusty aid also speeds up the process. The Bone Density Solution is one of those. This simple bone health program has all the steps to fight osteoporosis.

To learn how it works, check out my review!


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