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Worst Weight Loss Myths: The 6 Worst Fitness Tips

Nov 18, 2021Weight Loss0 comments

I’ve debunked countless myths now. You’ve learned the truth about eye healthtwice. I might’ve saved you from falling into metabolism myths. The same goes for meal timing and the “ideal workout heart rate.”

Today, we’ll continue our myth-debunking. Cleveland Clinic has a great list already. So, let’s dive into the research behind it!

Worst weight loss myth #1: Avoiding carbs is the only answer

Unfortunately, this tip makes a lot of sense. Carbs provide energy, but they turn into fat when unused. So, cutting them lets you minimize how much fat you gain. That said, the idea forgets something crucial about carbs.

What’s the truth?

Carbs are a crucial part of anyone’s nutrition. We can’t simply cut them, but we can change them. Simple carbs tend to be the focus of people’s claims. Thus, complex carbs are a great switch.

Worst weight loss myth #2: Focus only on counting calories

Some “experts” might say that you can eat whatever you want. Food quality matters little more than their calories. So, you’re probably fine as long as you stick to your recommended daily calorie intake.

What’s the truth?

Food quality is one of the primary pillars of an effective diet. So, it’s not only about counting your calories. You must watch where you’re getting them, too.

Worst weight loss myth #3: Hunger is part of losing weight

Of course, losing weight means not overeating or eating less. So, feeling hungry is only natural, right? Well, not so. One of the main rules of the best diets is not to skip meals.

What’s the truth?

Hunger and cravings have no association with weight loss. If you always feel hungry, you should consider changing your diet. The best diets for weight loss must make you feel satiated.

Worst weight loss myth #4: You must cut fat to lose weight

Well, this one’s obvious. One of my favorite diets is all about minimizing fat, so it has to be true. Well, burning fat is not the same as eliminating it from your diet. Not eating fat can even make you gain weight.

What’s the truth?

Fat is delicate when we speak about weight loss. Too much fat is a reason why the carnivore diet is bad. But, you can’t eliminate it. It’s a crucial energy source, so you mustn’t stop consuming it.

Worst weight loss myth #5: Avoiding gluten is the best strategy

Gluten-free foods are fantastic. If some people can’t process it, why would it be good for us? Avoiding gluten also helps us avoid plenty of carbs, mainly from bread. But, there’s a reason why the Keto diet is among the worst diets.

What’s the truth?

Gluten-free diets are vital for many. But, that’s because of underlying conditions. That doesn’t mean anyone can benefit from them. There are barely any claims to support gluten- and-weight-loss claims.

Worst weight loss myth #6: Don’t eat food that tastes good

Finally, tasty food tends to be bad for you. Sugar and fats taste amazing. So, you must avoid most of the food you like. Some even argue that healthy food tastes bad. If not, why would so many people avoid it?

What’s the truth?

Many people plan their nutrition according to taste. So, it’s vital to know that healthy food can be tasty. As long as you follow health guidelines, the taste can be whatever you want.

The holistic takeaway

worst weight loss myths measuring a sandwich

The worst weight loss myths can make things slower at best. At worst, you’re damaging your health for zero results. In the end, the best strategy for losing weight is to exercise and eat well.

That’s why my recommendation for this article is The Cinderella Solution. It combines workouts and a great diet to help you achieve your goal.

To learn more about it, you can check out my official review!


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